Things I am proud of

Here’s a few random things I’m proud to have been part of.

“Current” Python Projects

Random Projects

  • kanidm - Active participant in the dev process, generally just working to make 📎 clippy happier and clarifying documentation.
  • - a little Django site to keep track of beverages I’ve owned/enjoyed/tried.
  • terraform_lambda - A terraform module for spinning up an AWS Lambda Function
  • aws_redirector_module - Terraform module for setting up a CloudFront-fronted S3 redirector. Redirect one URL to another.


The only scheduled, practiced talk I have done so far is “How to (not) fail2ban with Splunk”. The slides are here: talk-fail2ban-splunk.

Old Projects

  • amberelectric - Started the amberelectric python package, since handed off to the company.
  • vsx_map - Checkpoint VSX Mapping magic. For far too long I helped manage some big VSX clusters, this pulls data from the internals to identify how different virtual firewalls connect to each other.
  • tarmunger - A terrible python script to do terrible things to tarfiles. For a while I was pulling down big tar backups of accounts and needed to shrinkify them.

Really minor other things

Sometimes it’s just nice to remember things one’s sorted, y’know.