Bluetooth Scanner With ESPHome and an ESP32

This is a super-simple one, but took some searching to find it. Add the following config to an ESPHome device and deploy it, and it’ll spam regularly in the logs every BLE device it sees.

You need an ESP32 (because they have bluetooh) and it uses the esp32_ble_tracker module.


- platform: ble_scanner 
  name: "BLE Devices Scanner"

Pretty simple, spams shit out of the logs with what’s going on every time it finds something. You really don’t want this on a device you care about, or are logging the output of, because it’s heavy on CPU/memory and noisy but it’s good for tracking things down! There’s config options to slow it down as well, but who’s got time for that? 😁

Ref: This post on the Home Assistant Community

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