Flying to Morocco

BNE-DXB, Worst. Flight. In. My. Life.

Something in the plane made a high pitched screaming sound for the full 14 hour journey, Emirates needs to be punished for that kind of OH&S-breaching horror. Also the seat-backs are way too short for me and I can’t sleep on planes either way.

I hadn’t been to Dubai airport before, it’s not bad. Lots to do and see, the free wifi works great, the facilities are plentiful and the staff aren’t terrible. Lots of seating, it’s all clearly marked where to go, and they don’t obviously understaff baggage and security to milk that last dollar out of the place.

We arrived at BNE on 2023-01-25 ~1700 UTC+10, arrived in CMN (Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport) 1337 2023-01-26 UTC-1. It’s now 20:00 and I’m ready for a nap.

Had Tajine for dinner at Ifrane Restaurant Casablanca, which was pretty tasty, if touristic!

Later note: I probably should have blogged more about this trip, but I was completely wasted by the end of each day… link post with images one day.

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