Stop Edge Sleeping Tabs

Microsoft’s Edge browser is pretty cool, I use it instead of Chrome because .. somehow Microsoft has become less creepy than Google?

They’ve recently added efficiency mode, which is handy until it starts sleeping the tab that Octoprint is on, which queues up all the “live view” features and somehow makes them replay at super-speed when I go back to the tab.

AAAAANNYWAY. I did some searching and couldn’t find the answer to “how do I stop Edge from sleeping pinned tab” because that’s not a thing (article on what can stop a tab to sleep here).

So, I added the site to the don’t sleep list.

  1. Browse to edge://settings/?search=sleep
  2. Look for “Never put these sites to sleep” and click “Add”
  3. Add the domain name (or wildcard it with *
  4. Enjoy your battery life being destroyed by your poor life choices.

The settings screen might look like this, for reference:

Microsoft Edge Settings - Searching for Sleep

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