Week in Review 2022-05-29

This week’s been pretty slow, still catching up on work and reading and software updates and dying laptop after my holiday. Woo.


Went splat.

Started blogging the Ghan trip.

Went food shopping.

Ugh, did I mention splat. Such tired.


Great quote.

pro·duc·tion| prəˈdəkSH(ə)n |

  1. A test harness that escaped CI clusters

Watched Better Living through Chemistry. Sam Rockwell always plays a great character and Olivia Wilde and Michelle Monaghan really spiced up a zany script.


Booked my M1 Macbook in to get repaired. the flickering touch bar thing is a worry :(

Other than that, spent most of my spare time making sure my laptop was backed up - looks like I wasn’t missing anything, which is nice!


Someone sent me a security report about a bucket takeover issue on one of my old domains, so I created the bucket and thanked them. Of course they asked for a reward… then a job. I’m not sure how long it’ll be until my house is profitable enough to pay a security researcher, but I wouldn’t be holding my breath!

I succeeded in running kanidm/kanidm in docker on my Raspberry Pi 4 after William fixed the build, because weird GCC/linker things. Woo!


Took the M1 in for a repair, they have to replace the whole top case (touchid, touchbar, keyboard, speakers, batteries - but not the touchpad) but that’ll take at least two weeks to get the parts in, due to COVID-related supply chain things. At least I can keep my machine in the interim, and it’s covered by warranty/AppleCare.

Watched Terminator Genisys, that’s a whole lot of fan service and weirdness all in a few hours. The goofs/continuity page is hilariously nit-picky in a movie about time travelling killer robots.



Fixed up linting and testing and some other stuff, because there was a dependency update and the CI wasn’t running.


Removed the dependency on httpx because there was a vulnerability and I CBF remembering to test that instead of requests.

Umm… I went shooting, it went ok? Yay for comp requirements.


Turned on the MIG welder and made some sparks for the first time! I also made two bits of metal stick to each other… the penetration was terrible so as soon as I pulled it apart, it broke… but it’s a start!

Top View

Top View

Side View - Yep, no penetration at all.

Side View - Yep, no penetration at all.

Nobody died and no fires were started, no vision was risked. All is good in the world.

Watched the last episode of the third season of Stranger Things, then caught up to the “music” part of the new season. I can’t say I love this show, but it’s curious to watch how they tell the story and the soundtrack and cast are awesome.

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