Mi Scusi Day 2 - Darwin City

Friday the 13th, WooOoOoooo.

Slept in a bit - we flew in a day early in case there were flight cancellations - thanks, COVID.

I went out looking for some breakfast, and by 9am it was already ~30º outside. After toddling around for a while, marvelling at the number of massage parlors and bars promoting their Defence-Force discount, I found a lovely bacon, egg and avocado roll at Monica’s Café - a nice family-run establishment directly across the road from the hotel.

We’re staying in the Darwin City Hotel, which is a matte-finish edifice of concrete, steel and barbed wire that smells like chlorine bleach, but sure is cheap.

Darwin City Hotel - Concrete, Steel and Barbed Wire

The afternoon brought us to Crocosaurus Cove, “Home of the CAGE OF DEATH”, a perspex tube which you can get face-to-face with well-fed snappybeasts.

We pottered around and checked out the beasties. They’re pretty big.

Kate & William, the breeding pair

I had to compare the size of my hand with the one we could do so - Baru the 5.1m long, ~600kg croc. He’s pretty big.

There is a huge freshwater tank full of free range seafood, a little hard to take photos of without a really good polarizer and maybe someone to clean the tank. The flappy boi was pretty neat.

Freshwater Whipray

It was hot and it was too early to go for dinner, so we found ourselves at Shenannigans, the local Irish pub - it was rather fortuitous that we’d turned up at a minute before happy hour - and $7 pints were on offer!

They also had fishy bits, which were tasty and went well with the beverages.

Fishy Shenannigans - Croc Bites and Calamari

We toddled over to Go SushiX, a positively huge Japanese restaurant for dinner. The food was cheap and good quality, and they had a great range of saké and other beverages. Of course we couldn’t say no to trying the Hakushika Junmai Ginjo, which was deliciously dry.

Hakushika Junmai Ginjo

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