Mi Scusi Day 1 - Flying to Darwin

Today we started the journey, flying to Darwin on QANTAS in business class. Woo. Business class is pretty nice, with better food, more room for my wide hips and more leg room - which is nice when you’re a freakishly tall person like I am.

Indian-style Chicken Dish, with a double serve of chocolate and snackage.

Darwin Airport, welcoming as fk.

It’s very clear that folks are being watched while moving around the city, with cameras on every light pole and I’m pretty sure running a surveillance company is a winning ticket in this place.

We are watching you

There was three of these trailers within a block of our hotel, I’m not sure if it was supposed to be reassuring or worrying.

There's portable watchers, too!

Dinner was at “Phat Mango by Martin the Chef” - hailed as one of the top restaurants by TripAdvisor and other such places.

“Have you dined with us before?” No? “Oh, here’s how a menu works….” Yeah, thanks.

Red Kangaroo Sausage / Brahman Hump Silverside

We went with a bunch of small plates, since the large plates were realistically just larger serves:

  • The Kangaroo sausage was tasty, rich and meaty with a nice Romesco side.
  • Char Grilled Peri Peri Fish Wings. Heavy on the char, lemon and coriander, these were tasty.
  • Brahman Hump Silverside with pickled tomato. I’d say “broiled grey” rather than “silverside” - the pickles tasted like generic pickling spices and I thought it was onion, not tomato.
  • Smoked Humpty Doo Barramundi Bruschetta. I’m not sure why you’d smoke Barramundi, but they sure did.
  • Char-grilled (to a crisp) NT Prawns with “Prawn aioli” which was definitely … white.
  • Stuffed Zucchini Flower Gazpacho with Buffalo longaniza (sausage), goat’s cheese and round mint salsa. This was confusing. The cheese and sausage was delicious, but the mint salsa in the Gazpacho just made it oily and bland.
  • Eva Valley Bone Marrow on fresh damper. Very, very rich/oily, a huge bone with some marrow and some delicious damper hiding underneath.

All in all, meh? It might be the best local thing, but if so we might have gotten them on an off-day.

Fish Wings

We started watching Anatomy of a Scandal, powerful show, Michelle Dockery plays an intense role. Got to the second-last episode before crashing out after a long day.

Oh, why is the trip called Mi Scusi? Eurotrip.

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