Week in Review 2022-05-08

This week’s been busy, lots of leaving the house. 😄



Whoa, I was made a member/owner of the kanidm organisation today. That’s a fair bit of responsibility, and it’s great to have that trust.


I did a rolling comp at the range, as part of the many shoots this month to keep my licensing up. I shot good, which isn’t hard when you’re shooting at paper. I started a new range-game to try and concentrate on my hand-eye coordination and slow down between rounds.


Did a bunch of work on this because I had to merge a thing and … rabbit hole.


Work, work, target shooting night Pistol (RF/CF) - NRA Target Pistol. Short comp, good people.


We went out to see the latest Marvel movie, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. It was pretty good, with some really strong performances by the cast, and some tough subjects covered - which is a nice change.


Worked from the city for the first time this year.. I don’t miss the (literal) hours of commuting and noise and expense and argh. It was great to catch up with folks though, especially since it was the first Brisbane Splunk User Group meeting of 2022. Talks from some local folks about attack surface monitoring, system migrations and dashboarding went down, with great chats before and after.

The Brisbane Splunk/IT community’s such a great thing to be a part of, for sure.



Added Content-Security-Policy Headers to the Web UI, adding a little happiness to some security checks - also split the favicon and WASM loader out to their own files.

Approved the latest update from William to the creds update, paving the way for better credentials updates.

Started re-implementing the container builds in Github Actions for kanidmd and radius, making it more accessible to use dockerized versions of the current development version for things.


Moved to using Rust directly installed from zypper instead of having to manually install it, because William got Rust packaged into OpenSUSE like a real crab lawd.

Weird shell things

After having issues where tab-completing commands would duplicate strings, I found that adding export LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8 to .zshrc sorted the issue. Thanks to a very nice someone in the rands slack helped me think through the problem… and I found this issue on the starship github repo. Starship’s great, nice and speedy and configurable ’n stuff.


I installed it into the SilverStone rack case I finally got delivered. The case is quite a bit shorter than I expected - there wasn’t room to fit the GPU and the drives without issue - so I left the GPU out. Thankfully the machine still boots without it, I just worry about troubleshooting in future without even being able to use the console without removing the machine from the rack. Future me’s problem I guess!


As a Friday night special, I watched Gangs of New York. fucking great movie, Daniel Day Lewis plays a great role and it works on a bunch of levels.



Made it a proper Python module, so I can test it because … yeah.

Bought a MIG welder today, because I want to learn how to do it and have a few projects in mind. I thought feeding 3D printer filament through a bowden tube was bad, MIG wire is a whole extra level of nope. It kept going sproing and turning a few meters of 0.8mm pointy wire into a bird’s nest. :(

Actually it was a bit of a buy-all-the-things day… finally got a rolling tool chest and top-box, so I can spread some of my tools out a little, and the rest can be moved into the one spot. LESS SEARCHING!


I finally got to see The Suicide Squad. Idris Elba’s always fun to watch, but Margot Robbie playing Harley Quinn is one of my favourite combinations in recent history. I sure hope she has as much fun playing the role as I do watching it - so much fun and glee at everything. The rest of the movie around them was a complete mess though, as one would expect from DC’s garbage-fest. The big bad starfish thing was pretty funny.



Fixed a bunch of typing issues, made the module loader a bit smarter (I think?)


Got the docker container building working again in Github Actions… the ARM builds still take an age because github actions doesn’t offer ARM runners, so it’s being done inside QEMU currently.

So... long

Installed RyzenShine into the rack. A little swearing due to the fact that I misjudged where the rack screws had to be. I had to remove the system, move the RackStuds (#notasponsor) and then re-install it. Thankfully it was sitting on top of another system, so that wasn’t too bad.


Watched The 5th Wave tonight. Not exactly a complex storyline, but aliens and explosions and pew pew for days.

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