Week in Review 2022-05-01


M1 macbook things - THE FAN TURNED ON. It was weird.

Thanks, rust. <3

ADHD Side Quest Chain

This one was quite the adventure, so I figured I’d write it down.

  1. “The fan under the stairs is ticking”
  2. Pull fan out.
  3. Ew, that’s real dusty.
  4. Pull out vacuum to suck up dust.
  5. Oh the extension lead’s stuck, pull that out from under the mat.
  6. I need to pee! Do that.
  7. Wash hands.
  8. Mm, I’m in the kitchen, snack time.
  9. Grab a handful of Pepperoni. Thank the good lord ALDI for 100gm packs.
  10. Have a drink.
  11. Oh yeah, fan!
  12. Oh it’s real dusty I could put it on the back of the vent and find the old fan duct.
  13. five minutes of looking for the fan duct upstairs
  14. Oh I’ll have to 3d print one.
  15. But I should clean the fan first.
  16. goes and changes the filament on the 3d printer
  17. installs a brace on the 3d printer that he finds
  18. No no no, fan cleaning!
  19. Connect vacuum to power cord (see point #4).
  20. Cleans out the clogged pipe of the vacuum
  21. Cleans up the floor, because the clogs (leaves and sticks) went everywhere.
  22. Actually clean the fan
  23. Vacuum the floor a bit
  24. I still need a fan duct.
  25. an hour and a half of designing one
  26. Five and a half hours after THAT (print time), install fan back in duct.

Next day: Installed the grille over the fan duct.



Rewrote my silly “how many IPv6 addresses can I have in a day” tool to use George Starcher’s HEC library and cleaned up a bunch of other things.

Watched Appleseed Alpha - Based on a comic by Shirow Masamune… it was OK. Very much in the style of the modern GITS_2048 reboot, but earlier less complete animation. Not a bad story, for an hour and a half of blowin’ stuff up.



  • approved William’s new update on the cred reset functionality
  • Updated the github actions automation so they don’t run as often on PR’s, meaning less waiting to yeet PR’s into HEAD.

new NAS day!

After spending far too much time troubleshooting my faulty Helios64, I gave up and bought a new system. I’m calling it ryzenshine :D

  • Ryzen 3 4100
  • 32GB of Crucial something something RAM
  • Five SATA drives from the old machine.

Pins were bent when I tried to seat the CPU the first time… I can’t honestly tell if it was me or before I got it, but I still had to straighten some. That was fun. Wait, no, the other thing. Not fun at all.

Stats for the new machine


I found that with the Ryzen motherboard I bought, you can’t use all the SATA ports while using NVME, ugh. Doesn’t really help when I wanted to use five SATA drives and the onboard NVME. I found an old SATA drive to boot from in the meantime and got things running.


Cleaned up a lot of lint, made it actually installable as a module, tested it works as a package and stuff. Rul gud.



So many tweaks today, trying to get builds for Ubuntu Jammy working.

  • It was failing to identify the kanidm version on build, so debs weren’t building properly, sigh.
  • sccache just isn’t being used so it was slow as fk; got that downloading automagically and working.
  • I set it to defaulted to uploading to s3, because it was bailing when that setting was missing.


New fridge day!

After patching up my old fridge a few times, I bought a new one today. I’d run a 120mm 12v fan in the back of it for a year or so, and I’d put a cam lock on the freezer to keep the seals/door shut. It started leaking about a quarter-cup of water every time I opened the freezer door, so it was time for it to go.

I bought a LG GB-455WL 420L Bottom Mount Refrigerator from The Good Guys. Cost me $1025, and I picked it up myself with the trailer. Woot woot.

It has heaps of space, no extra features to fail, LG is a known good brand, and it was cheaper than basically everything else in its class. Winning!

The only issue I have with it so far is that a carton of eggs doesn’t trivially fit in the door shelf, and the egg holder they provided ONLY FITS TEN EGGS. Who does this kind of thing? Weird.


Started to add prometheus metrics to Kanidm. Works great in simple cases, but gets… complex quickly. Turns out (see Sunday) that it was a dead-end.

Went shooting today. Did pretty good for not having shot a pistol for most of a year. It’s nearly that time of year when I should have done a bunch of shoots already so it’s time for me to load up on competitions before the end of the reporting period. Thanks, COVID.


I’ve learnt a lot this weekend about writing rust code that has to work across a big project (kanidm/kanidm) - and the main one was “go looking for long threads talking about how (the crate you chose) is not the best way to go forward” … awkward. I’m going to see if the prometheus_client crate will work across the use cases we can think of for now.

Went shooting today. Did pretty good - turns out if you turn up two days in a row and do similar things, you don’t suck at it the second day.


  • Spiderman No Way Home. This felt like a really long television show episode (or part of a mini-series). It’s not surprising, coming from a comic book, but the whole thing just felt.. meh.

Random things

At some point in there, I rewrote the docs-generation scripts for Kanidm, because we wanted to have access to all historical versions of the docs/book, but mainly the latest “stable” and “dev” versions.

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