Week in Review 2022-04-24



Redeployed the site, for the first time in a long time because images were missing and it was generally just not playing nice. I removed all the <center></center> HTML randomness, which made Hugo happier. I wish there was a blog engine which was more human and less Wordpress.

Updated the terraform module configuration to AWS’ v4 module syntax. Delicious yak milk.


  • added automagic testing from github_linter.
  • actually fixed up the testing,
  • re-fixed it, after breaking it again.


I watched Shot Caller after spending a good half an hour cruising for something to watch. I liked it. Good non-linear story telling without it being a gimmick. Doesn’t pull any punches, and it’s very economical in its delivery. Great cast.



  • added the separate github actions test configs instead of the old single-file method
  • updated an example to try and throw errors earlier, someone reporting issues in pvoutput#172. (See down a little bit for how it was me, not them!)

gpg-agent scdaemon errors

I was still seeing the following error in one of my machine’s logs:

gpgconf: error running '/usr/lib/gnupg/scdaemon': probably not installed

This should be solved by having disable-scdaemon in /home/nagios/.gnupg/gpg-agent.conf … but it’s not?

So I did this YOLO fix from the raspberry pi forums.

sudo cat > /usr/lib/gnupg/scdaemon <<EOF
exit 0
sudo chmod 755 /usr/lib/gnupg/scdaemon

Works gud.



After making an arse out of myself blaming someone’s build environment for things not working, it turns out v0.0.8 of pvoutput didn’t have all the functions included for the examples.

Derp? I released v0.0.9 of pvoutput and it works now, added a Docker config to the repo so I don’t shoot myself in the foot as obviously next time. Sometimes Python just … tries to help too much and makes things weird.


I started playing with the idea of building a collapsible camper-module to go inside my 7’x5’ trailer. I’ve been pondering this for a while, because it’d be nice to go caravan-ish camping without having to buy/build/own a dedicated caravan. The general idea is to have a floor, three walls, a back door and a roof, all of which can be separated and stored in the smallest possible footprint. This turns into a box which keeps the elements away from my stuff while travelling and gives me a place to sleep that doesn’t require tent-like setup, mainly because I’m lazy and big.


While writing this I realised I could basically forego half the structure by using the mounting points I have for the cage as the base of the “upper” structure, mounting most of it off that, only having to build (and store) half the amount of frame. Much pondering to do, since I’d still like a floor to flatten out the base and store things under, and I’d have to work out how to do access and waterproofing without greatly modifying the trailer.

Github Linter things

Ran my dependabot config over all my repos and set it to just run on Mondays… which triggered a run on all ~160 repos.

… 400 emails later, so many things to fix. Awkward, but that’s the point!


Shaved a yak, made code-things happy, fixing pylint and stuff. I have so many weird repos.


Found the OpenMower project while cruising youtube, and that linked to the LandLord project which is similar. Something for when my backyard’s bigger than a postage stamp, or I finish some other projects. Heh.



Broke the module up a bit, individual message handling is its own function now.

Bumped versions on loads of things.


Removed the old requirements.txt file because it was making dependabot really noisy, bumped versions on things and … thought about testing.

Youtube Videos

Wow, my rando Suzuki Swift Sport Gearshift Cable Replacement video has 38,284 views since Feb 16, 2019. I noticed because I got yet another comment asking things I can’t possibly answer because I’m not a mechanic.

Some viewer stats, since I had to look:

  • 100% male
  • 100% aged 25-34
  • 40% from India, 0.4% UK, 0.1% Australia & USA, then a super-long tail.
  • Average watch duration is ~1 minute 41 seconds of the 5:55 video, so not great engagement. Not surprising because it’s just me documenting a thing because I couldn’t find another video like it at the time.
  • Views by device type: 80% mobile device, 14.8% computer
  • 71% Android, 13% windows, 12.3% iOS.


I watched Demolition Man, it was great. Sandra Bullock’s innocent glee about everything really made the movie. The music was… terrible early 90’s synth and had basically nothing to do with what was going on at the time. So. Weird.



  • bumped Django to 4.0.4 because of a shiny SQLi vulnerability.
  • ran poetry update, which bumped all the things
  • moved all the tests to pytest instead of Django testing because reaasons.
  • updated to python 3.10, removed a bunch of build tooling from the container, saving space and … reasons.

Sonde things

I got sick of having to plug microcontrollers into my (currently-not-running-argh) NAS to flash them, so I installed Ubuntu 20.04 on an old Raspberry Pi 3 B. The new imager is great, allowing you to set up user/wifi things before you install, saving a bunch of guessing and poking at things.

It’s slow to build but works, so weeeee. I really loathe the whole “CHG34x doesn’t work on some OSen because fakes and reasons” BS.


Worked out how to make the build_container action to only push to the container registry when you’ve pushed to main. Woot!

Also added Rust build/test actions, because rust needs love too.



Added automated testing and building and all those things, fixed the python stuff, more yak shaving…

Tried out TrueNAS

I’ve been looking at these kinds of things for a while, to remove one maintenance headache…

  1. I couldn’t just make a standalone disk volume for testing/system settings - the only option is “striped” and about six clickthroughs to acknowledge that I want to make a single drive.
  2. Couldn’t install dnsmasq package, first it failed to git clone to check the community thing (because IPv6 wasn’t turned no), then it just … threw errors about something not working?
  3. Tried setting up LDAP config, it just… hung with no logs on screen, or anywhere I could find.

… screwit, that thing can go away.

MightyOhm geiger counter

I built the kit, and I love this thing. It’s super neat!

The build was really simple, with clear instructions that include things like this, on installing the switch:

Make sure it sits flat on the board with the plastic lever sticking off the edge. I like to solder one of the leads, then check if it’s flat. If not, I reflow the solder and push it flat with my finger. (Don’t leave the soldering iron on the lead too long, or you will burn your finger!)

It took about.. an hour or so to build, and worked first go. It makes the clicky noises and the light goes “ping” when something happens. It could be just a random timer with clickiness and a flashy light, but it’s got some weird widget with cyrillic text on it, so it’s cool to me!

RCBS parts

I found that they specifically mentioned replacing busted expander/decapper dies on their FAQ


If this item is not available from your dealer, you may call or e-mail us. We’ll need to know the caliber and whether the dies are in a heavy duty green storage box (standard dies) or a clear plastic clamshell (Reloader Special dies). The part will be mailed to you without cost via first class mail.

Emailed them, figured I’d see if they’d even respond… overnight they responded and have promised to ship me one to Australia, for free. Whoa.

RCBS Rock Chucker automagic.

The screw in the bottom of the (MKIV supreme) ram is a 1/4"-28 3/8" Screw. That took me far too long to figure out.

I’m planning to semi-automate my press because I’ve got (roughly) a million spare once-fired shells and I figured I should do something with them. This’ll turn into a whole thing, I’m sure.

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