2022-04-17 Week in Review



Rewrote it so I could be sure it might work. More complex, but also simpler.. woo?



Added a new fix in the github_actions module, adding dependency checking based on the new github action.



Updated the fix from Tuesday in the github_actions module, removing dependency checking based on the new github action for private repos. I probably should have read the docs. :D


Moved across to using ucc-gen, it’s… a thing.



  • Added some issue templates and dependabot config in #676
  • Added a WebUI “this is alpha” message in #675. Woo, I actually did some WASM’y things. :D
  • Started looking at the python code in the RADIUS connector and… tweaked it a little.


Finally got around to replacing my office fan/light switch with a Shelly1(v3). It’s much less terrifying now, as it won’t be able to get itself in a weird race condition trying ot turn off the fan… which doesn’t exist anyway. I really like just having a real mechanical switch on the wall with smart guts hiding behind it.


Added the option to delete the source file once the resizing is complete, released it as v0.0.6.


Home Assistant

Installed the breaking changes integration after tripping over some breaking changes in past upgrades.

Removed travis-ci access on github

After reading this… https://github.blog/2022-04-15-security-alert-stolen-oauth-user-tokens/


From someone on the rands slack

important news: i just learned how to make a kitty. ᓚᘏᗢ


Reinstalled my OctoPrint server

This’d been a really hacked up custom install on a Pi3 that’d been broken a few times, so I just reimaged it with a fresh “current” install.

Remembering what you actually set the username/password to when trying to log into the console is handy. Four times. GG, ADHD.

Turns out that the X axis was about 10mm higher on the right hand side, so I futzed around with the wheels, finding that the eccentric one on that end was just … wrong. It wasn’t in the track and was just janky. That explains why I always had to wind the screws right out on that side. Duh.

I printed a thing!

This was the first successful print in like… a year?

This also led to a big side-quest in getting IPv6 working on my guest network because I didn’t want that Pi on my main network. I’m still not entirely sure what broke, but it’s working now!


A big lump of yak shaving that made me realise I don’t have disk monitoring on the host. Awkward.

I rebuilt the containers, renamed them to be project_servicetype, ie melbourneitmirror_flask or melbourneitmirror_watchtower so I can use the logs easier downstream.


  • Terminator 2, 3 and Salvation. Dark Fate and Genisys are still on the rewatch list :D
  • Casino Royale (2006). I’m going to miss Mr Craig’s Bond.
  • Robocop 2, so schlocky.
  • Got to the end of Season one of Severance, damn that’s a good show.
  • Deadpool, I could watch that every few months.
  • Saturday night I watched The Hunt for Red October for the first time as far as I can remember. It’s a very good movie.

Umm… some other stuff too. It’s been a long weekend of doing cleaning and just generally not going anywhere because eh.

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