Week in Review 2022-04-10



Added tests to cover every line of the code, so I can auto-merge things now if they pass!

Released v0.0.4 to pypi as an official package.


  • fixed up some typing issues in the test suite
  • added a bandit workflow file for github_actions Python checks, to see what bandit testing will look like.
  • ran codeowners over all my repos
  • ran github_actions over all my repos and testing went booooom on a few things. Oh welllsssss… mainly just “yes, actually fix that test” and so forth - what this project is for!

yaleman/mqtt-monitor and yaleman/memes-api

Added a bunch of testing to allow things to update quicker when dependabot does its thing, because automation’s great!



Significantly updated the AppleScript for my “how many tabs” script, so it loads config from a file and does things better.

Also published it as yaleman/tabcounter, heh.

Splunking the dta...

Thursday 07

Someone said this in a meeting. I was absolutely horrified.

Regarding AWS’ DNS resolver having a rate limit, leading to us using a caching resolver on the host… a host which is part of an auto-scaling cluster talking to others in its scaling group.

I don’t know why we’re adding software, why don’t we just keep a hosts file updated by puppet?


Started yaleman/cloudflare-stats. Cloudflare sent me some information on my stats, so I had to have a look. Blog post about it’s here: Cloudflare and the billion requests. 🤯


Chill day. Added a lot more functionality to clouflare-stats so I could look back further and/or with more resolution.


Someone pointed me at discovered nektos/act, which allows you to run github actions locally via docker, which is handy for debugging things when you need a little more access.


  • Added a few more tests, expanded the typing a bunch
  • Added an example that does DHCP things, because I had a single task to remove a DHCP client lease and… that snowballed. Turns out the API doesn’t even support it


… so much messing around. It really boggles the mind how complex developing apps for certain ecosystems is.



Went back to a simple implementation and just wrote my own code to handle things. It’s still entirely garbage but now it … mostly works?

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