Week in Review 2022-04-03



Fixed an issue with kanidm group list that wasn’t logging because I’d used info!() instead of println!().


Realised (after it was pointed out to me by GitHub support) I was super stupid and had set the wrong “uses” string on my actions defintion, and that’s why they were all queuing and being weird.

Once I got that working… I continued to be stupid and break things until I just copied the config from something else and it was much less broken. If only I had a whole project built specifically to avoid this kind of inconsistency? 🤔




  • Added splunk-downloader as an installable script to the pyproject.toml file.
  • Moved functions around in the module a little, making things neater.


Bumped package versions, added return typing for functions, made scripts happier.


Bumped package versions, added return typing for functions, made scripts happier.


Bumped package versions, added return typing for functions, made scripts happier.



I read a tweet which mentioned being able to specify the Minimum Specified Rust Version in a rust package’s Cargo.toml since v1.56.

Fixed it in kanidm/kanidm#664, which was pretty easy to sort. Much neater than having custom build scripting to maintain!


House Things

I read this document from NBNCo about dealing with outside interference for VDSL/FTTN a few weeks ago. I checked the house wiring on the VDSL, it was already pretty twisted to try and help with signal - 36mbit down is still my lot. Eew.

Also re-engineered the mount for the server room fan, now it doesn’t vibrate the house at all, which … was causing a rather disconcerting hum.

The new fan

Previously there were a pair of L-shaped brackets that it sat on, with tubular rubber as a shock absorber. They hung on screws into the upright wall/back of the stair, with rubber foam in between. The new mount uses shock cord looped through the frame of the fan which makes it silent once you’re out of the room.

Aussie Broadband Stats

Rewrote my Aussie Broadband stats collector lambda clusterfuck to use Python 3.9, typing, new version of pyaussiebb etc.

It was running tests twice and… it shouldn’t do that now.


  • Started work on the mkdocs github-metadata thing. ugh, YAML.
  • Turned off debug logging by default
  • Added PR counts as a column on the web interface.


Early in the day I heard a weird noise, thinking it was in the back yard I got up to have a look… turns out it was my fridge.

Given the current global situation, I really didn’t want to have to deal with an emergency fridge replacement - especially since I’m a close contact of a verified case…

… good thing it was just a sneaky ice block! I was freaking out pretty hard, thinking that it was the compressor - the noise was coming from deep in the back of the machine and was loud as hell.


  • Added a fix-step for mkdocs so that it sets github metadata so it’ll show issues and links and stuff.
  • codeowners now skips checks when the target repo is archived.

My wiki

I keep a file-per-day of things I do, and that list of files was getting pretty long, so I added a script to automagically clean up my changelogs and put them into {year}/{month}/{filename} paths.


Published the first version of this, I’ve been using it for a while and it works OK. It uses canhazip.com to get the public IP address of the local network.

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