2022-03-13 Week in Review


Global Rest Day!

Assembling all the furniture things.


Hung out at the Mailroom and set up the internet, they nearly had to break down the little door in the wall where the infrastructure cable was hidden. Thankfully it all went well, and the speed’s good.

Later in the night I blocked myself from remote access to the router, awks. As the site-to-site VPN between sites still worked, I got back in through an SSH tunnel via an Access Point, which directed traffic to the router on port 22 from “inside” :success:.


I realised I kept running out of memory on one of my cloud-hosted VMs, so I added 2gb swap to the it using this old chestnut.

Also did some DNS cleanup in Terraform. Bleep bloop.


I made my first merge into kanidm after @FirstYear gave me access.

@yaleman merged commit 58fb559 into kanidm:master

Added pagination to memes-api, woo Vue.js modules.

Started shrinky - a “quick thing to prep images for memes-api”.


Added geometry support to shrinky, the image munger that has already gotten out of hand.


  • Pagination works the way I want now. (ie, properly)
  • Copy buttons flash when you click them. That took… way too much time.



Updated the github_actions module to check for and add language-specific tests including:

  • shellcheck for Shell
  • mypy / pytest / pylint for Pyhon
  • build_container for Dockerfile


Added the functionality to have a local config file to specify packages for auto-merge.

Did some work in The Mailroom to put the desk together properly, put up the sign and finish off the felt wall for the boss’ desk. Turned out pretty well, I think!


Built myself a “Tape Yagi” directional antenna for sonde hunting, inspired by the mention here in the video about collecting Sondes.

As you can see it got a little out of hand, as usual. I wanted something with a grip, and somewhere to hold the tracker… but I’d bought extra parts to give me options and just ran with them.

Tape Yagi

Parts list:

So… $40ish for the PVC mess, of which some of the pieces I already had, some I bought more than I needed just to mess around.

Tape Yagi

I also started up the test sondehub-tracker server for the first time, and suggested a developer readme to improve docs for future-folk.

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