2022-02-27 Week in Review

Uh, so it’s been a bit moist around here lately.


Um.. stuff? My NAS sync is finally working. Systemd services which can’t deal with usernames with the domain included are frustrating, but I worked around it by specifying the UID like an animal.


  • Added a check for .github/CONTRIBUTING.md - creates a basic “here’s how to help” file
  • Ran mypy --strict and chased down a lot of issues. There were, and still are, many.



  • added the endpoints for get_orders() and get_order(int)
  • did a load of mypy yak shaving, --strict really kicking my arse, but it’s good.
  • hit bugs around running test_line_state against things that don’t support it, need to figure out if it’s worth checking for available tests before any invocation of a line test.

Traefik things

Someone mentioned traefik, I commiserated and quickly fell into the ADHD trap of “oh lordy a distraction and quickly had a config working for running the dashboard through the “normal” router. Something to document later, I still hate their docs/config style and lack of sensible examples. “Here is a full example” and then supplying snippets of code? No.


Wrote a neat little internal tool to scrape a website for archives full of binaries and hash them. Works on Apache/Nginx-style “directories full of files” sites. Came together in a few hours, but is “slow” because Python. Works well enough for the use case, I might dump out some queueing and asyncio stuff later.

Found out the local curry place had closed, which was sad. COVID sucks.

Started building a small office network, having to patch Windows machines is the same old merry hell it always has been. I hate having to click away the incessent Windows 11 ads. Ubiquity switch is nice and quiet.


Added multi-topic support to mqtt-monitor because I’ve got more than one thing feeding sonde data in now!

Hooked up the trailer, went to pick up some tables we found cheap on Facebook, turns out the woman had already sold 2/3 of them, so that wasn’t great. Utterly soaked by the end of it, but good exercise or something.

Cleared some paths for water to better flow around the place, so the driveway’s been a lot less deep.


We needed to pick up two couches from Robina and a dining table and chairs from Rocklea. Easy, right?

Nerang's nice

  • No truck when we got to Loganholme, had to divert and hire a van.
  • Super heavy rain on the way to Robina (around Nerang) - down to 60km/h top speed for a while.
  • Rain stopped while we were picking up the couch, wasn’t too bad on the way back to Brisbane.
  • Stopped at IKEA, spent more time waiting for the bathroom than we did picking up some lights and ordering some desks. Knowing the shortcuts is key!
  • Dropped off things, all good …
  • Rocklea was mostly under water as usual, we had to drive through ~6” of water with other vehicles leading the charge. Yes, dumb, but we could see the bottom and there was plenty of support.
  • Picked up lovely kitchen table and chairs, dropped back to the Mailroom.

Oh, and we found a basically brand new Weber BBQ up the street for kerb-side collection, looks like it’s barely ever been used. Woo!

Utterly stuffed, burgers and crashing out hard.

Rocklea Road


Working on the Mailroom’s furniture today. Went to Bunnings, had to divert around a few closed bridges again. Built terrible shelving unit, and two IKEA Bekant desks. The highlight of engineering was the Desky Dual sit/stand desk with Walnut top which is a marvel of doing-everything-right. The hardware, the build quality, everything’s done properly instead of just cheaping out. Really nice.

It’s really wet here. We’re officially in an “evacuate if required” zone, which is.. classic Aussie vague.

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