2022-02-13 Week in Review


  • Automagically tracked a weather balloon with my new kit.
  • Was bombarded with security updates from Github, updated my auto-merge bot to use pygithub while updating the list of packages to auto-merge.
  • Migrated the storage for my Splunk instance to Smartstore. Woo, minio!


  • Realised some cert renewals had gone wonky, because the acme package had just … disappeared?
  • Reissued a cert for my old fileserver, it’d been on a staging cert for… years?
  • Found the Home Assistant upgrade of doom was still plaguing me, the temp sensor in my server rack wasn’t being read, so fan control wasn’t turning on the exhaust fan. Eeek!
  • Changed from oh-my-zsh to starship.rs as a shell prompt automator. It’s different, but it’s faster and less broken.



Fought with Fedex about a package they claim to have failed to deliver, left a card, then 8 minutes later recorded it as delivered to someone called “Olivia” - but couldn’t tell me where. The link between them and TNT is clearly a nightmare, this is the second international package that’s wasted hours of my time finding because they lose things.


Wrote an update for the Splunk SDK for Python which improves a particular kind of results pull by 100x. Turns out, parsing XML byte-by-byte isn’t great. Going line-by-line with JSON reduces the amount of traffic across the network by 50%, too.

Kept trying to work out file permissions on my fileservers. I really miss the give this user (not root) full control over this file tree from Windows. Not enough to move, though. :)


  • Figured out how to fix my asdf shims, which had been plaguing me. Too many python versions!
  • Still clearly haven’t figured out why my combination of Hugo and Github Actions refuses to render/sync my site properly :(
    • Oh lordy, while I was writing this I found I’d set up a systemd timer to update the site. Probably in Ansible, then forgot it was running… an old version of hugo, which deletes files.
  • Rebuilt mosquitto on my Home Assistant box to use docker because I wanted IPv6 websockets and stuff.
  • Wrote a quick Ansible module to manage users in mosquitto password files, which I’ll make a little less terrible and package up… one day.

A week of weather balloons! One day I'll get the viz working for that much data.

All in all, quite the week. Seven days isn’t enough, clearly!

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