First Sonde Tracking!

A tiny update on my post from yesterday - I had to restart it to get it back on the MQTT server, but … it successfully tracked a Sonde today!

And of course, because it’s data, I had to Splunk it…

Using the Location Tracker viz

Given I’m located in Tingalpa, about 7Km from the launch site, and the antenna’s sitting inside my house in the bathroom, I figure it did pretty good, tracking the thing until it was ~50KM away in Helensvale… that single red blip was from yesterday sometime. My software’s a bit better now :D

I get an update about every five seconds or so, which is spectacular.


  • Peak altitude: 23226.7
  • Lowest temperature: -72.00 ยบ
  • Model: RS41-SG
  • Frequency: 401.5Mhz

The visualisation app is here on SplunkBase - Location Tracker - Custom Visualization

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