Unifi APs lbd exit code 256 repeatedly

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lbd exited with code 256 and restarted by inittab, 141,020 times one one AP in 48 hours

This process has crashed more than a few times lately…

Model UAP-AC-IW, firmware Version

The common response from @UI-Glenn was “disable band steering” - which I had done. Any chance of an actual fix soon?

I logged a support case for this, which led to me upgrading the firmware on the Unifi controller (self hosted, on a Ubuntu 20.04.3 VM)

From: Version: 6.1.71 (Build: atag_6.1.71_15061)

To: 6.4.54-16067-1 (Build: atag_6.4.54_16067)

I think that reprovisioned the APs and redeployed the config. Things came good, so far.. I haven’t had it come back yet. and it’s been a month.

Band steering is currently set to “Prefer 5G”.

It sure seems to have helped - these were the syslog event counts during the issue.

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