Drone CI and 'Github Pages Promoted Build xxxx' causing failed builds

I enabled Github Pages on Dewar last night and it started triggering these weird failing builds in Drone CI.

github-pages \[bot\] promoted github-pages to ac77354f

After much searching I finally found a thread on the Drone CI Discourse “GitHub Pages triggering builds incorrectly” - turns out it’s a weird deploy hook thing.

Adding the “trigger” block to my .drone.yml fixed it (block snipped from the larger file):

kind: pipeline
type: docker
name: dewar

    exclude: [ promote ]
- name: pytest

Quote from @bradrydzewski on the Discourse:

The event coming from GitHub is a deployment event which triggers a promote pipeline (deploy hooks from GitHub map to promote events in Drone). At first glance this seems to be expected, although I admit I don’t have much time to dig any deeper. I would of course accept patches if there is room for improvement.

#github #droneci #automation #weirdness