Asakusa in the rain

As we arrived in Tokyo today it started a very light spitting rain. Once we were booked into the hotel it started a gentle, but constant rain which I knew wouldn’t get any worse, but which was making my travelling companion want to grab instant ramen and just chill in the hotel.

No, say I! If we’re going out, we’re going out for good food!

A side benefit of being out on a Sunday night in the rain was the opportunity for some nice moody rainy photos, free of other tourists.

Sensō-ji temple

Hōzōmon Gate is a spectacularly imposing structure that protects some treasures relating to the local temple and some spectacular cultural artifacts. At night, in the rain, it’s quite spectacular.

Hōzōmon Gate

On its rear are two waraji, traditional straw sandals, weighing in at 400kg a piece. I might have found the only shoes in Japan that fit me?


Nakamise shopping street by night. Having just come through here a few hours beforehand, and having to walk very slowly through the crowds, the stillness was quite stunning.

Nakamise shopping street by night

Looking toward the Tokyo Skytree.

Looking toward Tokyo Skytree

Ramen-Tei came highly recommended from TripAdvisor… I’m sure there’s amazing food everywhere, but I do trust the options available. The guys in the store were super chill, happy to put up with the fairly mute tourists and fill us with their delicious noodles.

Ramen-Tei front

A delightful mix of salt, fats, carbs and happiness, the ramen at Ramen-Tei is something I definitely could get used to. It cost about 650¥ which is impossibly cheap - so I got some Shu-mai to go with it. 😂 I had the wonton ramen. It was awesome.

Wonton Ramen

Who couldn’t fall in love with the ever-present discount “everything” store, Donki? They really do know how to make a storefront pop!

Don Quijote Asakusa

I saw this out of the corner of my eye and it took a few seconds of head-tilting before I realised it was a crude stabilisation/suspension system for the basket. Being outside a purveyor of quality noodles, I can only assume it’s to allow the speedy delivery of their product!

suspension basket case

More saké, more suntory rocket fuel… and bedtime!

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