Dystopia Daily Rundown

While job seeking I’ve been reading the LinkedIn Daily Rundown; I’m not normally one for business news, but it tends to be a good quick thing to catch up on. Today’s instalment was particularly dystopian.

Like your job? Sadly it could be automated sooner than you think, according to a new Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) report.

Not surprising, really - there’s a lot of process work and drivers out there.

More than 270 Indonesian election staff have died following the country’s vote, mostly from fatigue-related illnesses.


Amazon is automatically tracking and firing warehouse workers over poor productivity… about 300 workers were fired at a Baltimore, US, fulfillment center between August 2017 and September 2018. Also… The online retailer also officially flagged its intention to “make one-day shipping the new standard” for its flagship Prime membership program.

Old news, but ouch - one can’t help the other.

The hot new trend in telecommunications is new mobile plans bundled with second-hand smartphones.

Because lock-in’s not just for rich folk.

Corporate restrooms are getting makeovers, as companies adapt to rising employee expectations

When you’re crying about the state of the world, it’s good to be comfortable I guess?


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