Supercells, Wow

In Photographing the Unbridled Power of a Supercell Storm, AtlasObscura looks at Camille Seaman’s book “The Big Cloud”.

Once they’re in what Seaman calls “chase mode,” there are “no bathroom breaks, there is no stopping for food, no nothing.” At that point, “as things start to actually set up in the storm, our whole objective is to stay with that storm in the right position, which is usually—not always, but usually—the southwest corner of the storm, and follow it safely, so that we can photograph it and see if it produces a tornado.” The goal is to observe and photograph without being in danger. “The worst thing for storm chasers to end up being storm chased.”

A spectacular book looking at the culture and experience of being a storm chaser. Nature’s amazing, isn’t it?

Nebraska, June 2012 - Camille Seaman

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