Japanese-flavoured adventuring

Sunday, rest day. A day to find peaceful ways to explore culture and ourselves. Thus, we had everyone over for bacon and eggs with all the trimmings. :)

The National Library of Australia has an exhibition entitled “Melodrama in Meiji Japan” all about the last years of the original use of traditional woodcuts, through the eyes of a collection curated by a UNSW professor over many years, recently donated to the LIbrary.

The exhibition included numerous woodcut prints covering the Meiji period and was a lovely insight into a part of their creative and expressive history. Truly beautiful works of art, typically available in literary publications around the turn of the century.

After that, we headed out to the National Arboretum to enjoy their Bonsai collection, which includes creations from local artists throughout the last century. It’s very peaceful and beautiful; had we more time and better weather I’d have loved to spend more time just wandering around the grounds.

Dinner was delightful, we went to Akiba which is a wonderful east-Asian fusion restaurant with a fantastic menu, including some lovely saké options. Buns, seafood, dumplings and happy friends, what more could you want for the end of a lovely weekend?


Ok, we had banana cake too, and that was fun.

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