Another day, more raids

Yesterday we didn’t have any particular plans, just to meet up with people and do all the things, then go to a few get-togethers at night.

We pottered around for the morning and found carb-heavy fuel at Hungry Jack’s to start the day (me being hangry helps nobody!). Meeting up with the Canberra Pok√©mon crew, we did two Articuno raids and one Lugia. I only caught the Lugia, and it wasn’t particularly special - but who’s to complain I guess? :)

While out, we wandered around and under the Callam Offices a curiously sci-fi looking building built in the early 70’s as a response to some local flooding. Sadly they’re in quite a state of disrepair these days, I’m sure it looked amazing when it was first built.

Callam Offices

Later, we headed to the Big & Tall shop in the CBD for to continue the fruitless search for shoes and clothes designed for me, instead of just oversized normal-people clothes. One day I’ll just have to go to somewhere like Hong Kong or Thailand and get a few different things made custom to fit me.

Night time was party time, with a 40th birthday party for a friend, where I got to catch up with most of the people I hadn’t seen in a year or so. It’s a real pain not getting to Rowany Festival this year (or next year) - throws off the already limited social interactions I have at the best of times :)

After that, it was back to the Ravening get-together to chill and catch up with those guys. All in all, a pretty quiet day which reached a crescendo with a few drunken friends picking up instruments and entertaining us wildly with memories from the 90’s.

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