Transit day to CBR

Transit day, going to CBR for a weekend of hanging out with friends. For the first time ever it was cheap enough to make going to Sydney first, then to Canberra worth it (or so we thought).

The first flight wasn’t too bad, somehow QANTAS ignored our seat allocations and split us up, probably due to the fact that we were listed as two independent travellers, not a pair. One day, airline booking systems will make sense - and be usable - their website shows a clear mess of technical debt.

I did have a little fun while connected to the in-flight wifi/entertainment system. There were about 95% Apple devices, the rest Samsung connected, and there was no network segmentation, which isn’t surprising. The only interesting thing on the network was the gateway, as you’d expect, and for some reason it was quite open. Unfortunately I only had my iPad so I did a few scans and some poking around but couldn’t get far.

There were no banners on any services, so I felt no issue with having a look around…

That’s only moderately scary.

The web server is a basic nginx server, all DNS queries respond with the router/web server’s IP address, and everything else had passwords other than root/root or admin/admin etc. I’d be interested to know why FTP, ssh and mysql are open to the open network, rather than locked down to a particular address/subnet.

The other services are used in concert to take you to a platform-agnostic streaming service for passengers.

The second flight … was a bit crap. Due to windy conditions in Sydney we were lucky to get on the flight at all, there being quite a list of announcements about cancellations as we got on the plane. By “plane” I mean a smelly old Dash8-400 turboprop, packed to the gills and sitting on the tarmac for 30 minutes before we left. Once in the air, we were treated to half a sandwich, turbulence and noise. The seat-backs are surprisingly low on the 8’s, so I couldn’t rest my head, and the legroom for someone of my giant size just doesn’t work. :(

I think the flights built up some credit with the good-luck fairy, when we picked up our rental car we got a free upgrade from whatever-the-tiniest-thing-you-have to a Toyota Camry Hybrid. I’ve had one of them before, and while they’re rather uninspiring, they’re roomy and powered by SCIENCE!

The rest of the day was soaked up doing errands, buying presents for our friends (two small babies on the way, and a 40th birthday) and Pokemon hunting! :D

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