This week's web travels

This week’s been particularly good for finding things worth sharing, so I thought I’d put them up here.

  • Penn & Teller Burn a Flag in the White House Penn & Teller stir up controvery on the West Wing when they burn a flag in the White House. Great show, great episode.

  • This fast-food-loving, organics-hating Ivy League prof will trick you into eating better His #1 tip: It’s not about the food — it’s about your surroundings. This is a wonderful article on the psychology of food and food service. How to get thin without dieting, save money when you run a buffet, or make kids eat more vegetables all by themselves. :)

  • Why there is no PTSD in Afghanistan It’s unlikely for a doctor to diagnose PTSD and other disorders when the symptoms are shared by all, and the chances of a doctor seeing a member of the populace is so low. A stark reminder of how good we have it, in western society.

  • Teaching How to Safely Photograph Bullets in Flight | Make Here’s how they teach students to safely shoot photographs of bullets at the Rochester Institute of Technology. A very cool short video, showing students how to take photos safely of things being shot at. Curious to know what extra things they do with higher velocity rounds :)

  • Inspiration for one of the characters in the Scarlet Letter, hanged for questioning an overly costly bill from some shoddy carpenters, this woman’s story is an example of what happens when church and state get together and get it wrong.

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