2016-08-14 Week in Review

Last week’s sniffles turned into a full-blown face-crippling sinus infection come Monday morning. This being so close to my holiday, I was less than impressed, and I missed two days of finalising things at work. Thankfully, the high-dose antibiotics seem to have worked within twenty-four hours or so, taking it down to merely a sniffle after a week.

Rimfire ten-pin on Thursday was a bit of a shambles, I ended up taking myself off the line after succumbing to a light-headed woozy feeling. Nothing dangerous, just tired and not enough sugar by that point in the day. Still did OK, considering.

After last week’s decision on the washing machine, I did a load of research (heh) and found the Bosch WAE22464AU. An entry-level 7kg front-loader, it looked good and simple, had a quick-load function and got good reviews. The only “con” people listed was its rather insistent post-wash beeping, which I can only see as a positive, to be honest. I’ve run a few different loads through it, and it seems to work well, is quiet in operation and funnily enough the beeping is quieter than my old LG. It does require you to turn the knob to the “off” position when done, and will continue to do its end-of-load beeping every few minutes until you do, so that’s probably the only con - the knob, not the beeping. For under $650, I can’t complain at all.

Friday night the B’s and I went to the movies. Two to Bad Moms and I saw Suicide Squad with A. After so much build-up, and so many damning critical reviews, I decided to go in with an open mind and low expectations. Explosions, jokes, Harley Quinn and Deadshot? Sounds like fun to me. It was definitely fun, with loads of comedy and some great interactions between members of the HUGE cast. About half way through I realised it should have been at least two movies, or a television series; unsurprising given its basis in comics. They were trying to develop too many characters and having two and a half “bad guys” all at once got a little disjointed. I really enjoyed the movie because of the characters and the world they live in, in spite of the plot.

And yes, Margot Robbie is very skilled actress first, and a amazingly gorgeous Harley a tight second. :)

To continue the spend-athon that is this week, I finally got myself a gun safe. For security’s sake, I’ll just say I’m a big fan of Lokaway safes, and I got a great deal form KGB security at Rocklea. Well worth going to ask them for a price on whatever you need. The hardest thing now is going to be the final decision on where to install the thing. Upstairs is a serious pain, as it’s many kilograms of bulky awkward, and the staircase is a right troublesome place to get things up. Downstairs, I’m basically limited to one spot in the garage and that’s likely where it’ll end up. That means I have to take the car out to open it, bleh. Such are the trials of a gentleman living in a suburban townhouse.

This week the Pok√©mon playing has gone into high gear, with RMB realising that the Wynnum foreshore is a great place to find (farm?) the elusive Magikarp. One Gyarados has already been evolved, and the second one is only a few days away I’m sure. Since our car crash in 2007, we have been trying to find various ways to motivate ourselves to do more exercise, and this game certainly seems to be working for us - motivation truly does come from the strangest of places!

Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, 1998’s hilarious crime mixup movie by Guy Ritchie just never gets old. Netflix has added it to the seemingly never-ending array of movies in their catalogue, and rediscovering the twists and turns of the pot was Sunday night’s fun - after a serious session of hunting down the esplanade, of course!

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