2016-07-10 Week in Review

Thursday night I received the statement of Attainment for my Category M (Miscellaneous: Crossbows) license! Now the countdown begins, I put my application in as soon as I could, but Qld Weapons Licensing are notoriously slow.

Friday morning they called me to confirm that my paperwork had been received and that I needed to supply something else (that I already knew about). It was nice to see they were fast on that, and that they could confirm everything else seemed OK.

Saturday I spent an hour and a bit out the back of RMB’s house, finally getting back to the retaining wall project. All I got done was under half the clearing of grass and muck that’s grown back since I was last there, but it’s a start. Realising that the board under the eaves at the back of the house had disintegrated and fell out wasn’t fun, however. :(

I picked up a copy of The Purge/The Purge: Anarchy on BluRay, after seeing some reviews of the new one - The Purge: Election Year.

Saturday night’s viewing was the first one; I expected B-Grade horror/dystopia and definitely got it. It’s got touches of a morality tale behind it, and some incredibly simple character development, but it was well worth watching just for the giggle.

Sunday I patched up the eaves a bit at RMB’s, and I can’t remember getting anything else done. Weird how days do that sometimes.

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