2016-07-03 Week in Review

I had a fantastic day on Saturday with nine fellow SCA members at the SSAA Belmont doing our Category M (and for the others, their A/B) safety course. This course will allow me to apply for my Crossbow license and start working towards doing some re-enactment of being a period-appropriate Arbalist :D

It was a great day, Warwick from QLDFT is a very engaging and knowledgeable teacher, and we all learnt a lot. I helped run the class through the practical assessment of the A/B course to save time, given I’m a range officer and experienced shooter. The end of the day was the best, being able to have a couple of shots with his Barnett Recruit Recurve

Sunday I went to the Lifeline Book Fair, at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition centre. Free entry was messed up by the complete lack of parking (screw you, West end!), ended up parking under BCEC for $21. Enough complaining, on to the haul! My main interests at the moment are crossbows and medieval projectile weapons, firearms history in general and I’ve started to do tablet weaving lately. My usual interest in realistic crime and science fiction stories hangs around too. I ended up spending $68 including parking, which isn’t too bad for 35 books across a variety of genre, most of which I’d have a pretty hard time finding, let alone purchasing.

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