2016-06-19 Week in Review

This week’s been quite quiet, since I’m suffering from a sinus infection, bleh.

Today I spent a few hours replacing the ropes on the poles for my tent, finally getting most of that task done. The only thing left is to make some heavy aglets for the ends of the ropes and replace/glue on the tail caps on the poles.

RMB’s ropes need to be done as well, hoping to get that done tomorrow, another day off sick.

I’ve spent a lot of time lately watching videos on /r/ArtisanVideos and other sources and have noticed that some craftsmen do things very differently to how I do. They seem quite wasteful in the material that they use, probably because we live in such a world of excess these days. I tend to build to what I’ve got available, maximising to almost terrible lengths the use of source material so as not to waste. They’ll buy twice as much wood/ply/leather and cut it down to what they need, throwing much of it away as chip/scraps. Quite strange.