2016-06-12 Week in Review

Tuesday was the Azure Discovery day at Microsoft’s offices in the CBD. I probably should have read the full briefing on what it was, expecting a technical coverage of new features and a rundown on some inner workings, but it was more a management/marketing run through of every little thing they do, which I could have discovered via the website. The presenter seemed to be a niche product engineer who didn’t quite have the overarching knowledge everyone expected, and there were many management types asking newbie questions which would have been covered if they’d have waited ten minutes..

Wednesday I finally got the wiring for the pulsar’s tow bar fixed, taking it up to the team at Tow Bars Australia who seem to have built a custom wiring loom for my car. I was a little miffed that they did it without asking - I took it to them asking for help with the pre-constructed loom I was supplied. I hope they kept the same functionality, being able to remove it with three clips in future in case I want to do something different and will ignore the brown packing tape they used to secure it to the bodywork and hope the wiring’s actually well done. :) It was nice of them to spend an hour investigating the product they supplied without charging me.

Thursday was some quick help with GNW setup, then off to shooting, I think I did pretty well. I’ve been a bit off my game lately, I really should do some actual training rather than just turn up and shoot.

Great Northern War! This is what took up most of my brain lately. Helping with set-up and pack down has been great fun, and will continue into the week. Due to RMB suffering from pneumonia, we snaffled a cabin which had recently been refurbished with a shower (relevant later).

Friday night was the fire tournament as usual, with nearly (if not actually) fifty fighters. We had a pavilion set up on the opposite side of the field from the feasting tent which made for a great view. :)

Saturday was great fun, hanging out with my friends and generally just having a relaxing time. Somehow I managed to lock myself out of our cabin, which upon reflection was a rather skilful act - or clumsy - either way.

Sunday started out well, until I happened to be toddling back to our cabin to grab my car keys and found that our cabin had flooded. I’d heard mention earlier in the day that there was a drainage issue, but as I was fairly tired I hadn’t thought to check whether it’d impacted us in any way. It seems that when they’d installed showers in all the rooms, they hadn’t really thought about the fact that the septic tanks were too small and at the same height as the drains. Suffice to say, when they filled up we ended up with sewage water everywhere. Thankfully nothing got destroyed - just some water in some random things that needed washing - and we went home for the night.

Monday was a late start and a quiet day, I turned up not long before closing court. Spent a few hours helping with pack-down, piling everything centrally and ensuring that nothing would get waterlogged in case of rain.

All in all a pretty good week. :)

(Yes, I know I included an extra day, it seems to fit. Shush.)

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