2016-05-29 Week in Review

I Attended AusCERT. Much longer write-up in the link.

Stayed in the Mantra Circle on Caville. An interesting twin-towers residential facility, we had a three bedroom apartment on the 36th floor. Lovely facility, great room, full kitchen etc. Pity about the lack of provided internet connectivity - maybe in another ten years, given the NBN timing?

The wiring for the TV was horrible, and this was after I’d cleaned it up a little to get my own HDMI cable in :)

Weird TV wiring.

My Bosch GMR1 palm router arrived, the first step in building my 3D CNC Router. A neat little unit with some great features, I’ve got many projects planned for this one!

Deadpool was released on BluRay and I picked up a copy (thanks to RMB!) for $18. Woo!

Saturday was another day where I led a group at RASA, expanding the understanding that guns aren’t scary!

Sunday I spent a few hours helping setting up Great Northern War, smashing in car axles for tent pegs and putting up pavilions. I’ll be the first to admit my hands hurt like buggery.

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