Tow bar update

One of the things left over from the Tow Bar install was the wiring for the trailer. All that was required was to find a place to run the wire through the body, make sure it seals and find a place to mount the socket.

It’s a simple 7-pin flat plug, but the plug’s way too wide for going through any sensibly-sized hole, and the other end of the harness looked too compled for me to remove the pins to push it through a bung. I decided to un-wire the plug, feed it through the bung then re-wire it. Fairly simple:

7 pin flat plug inside

Clark Rubber had the right sized bung, thankfully. $5 and change gave me a sacrificial one, allowing me the option to mess it up and restore the original plug if I need to 😀

I removed a very tiny piece of rubber using my leather punch pliers, this allowed me to cut a neat hole.

Cut a bung, put it through

No extra photos required for the rest of the work, really. I re-inserted the wires into the plug, tightened them down, reassembled the plug and re-wrapped it in electrical tape for a modicum of waterproof-ness. I secured the wiring to the inside of the boot to make sure it doesn’t foul on anything else.

View from inside the boot

I couldn’t find a location I liked to mount the plug that didn’t require removal of the bumper, so that had to be put on hold - it’s secured with zip ties to the back of the tow bar mount currently, out of the way and easily accessed. This might end up being the final position for it, albeit a little neater.

I expect to pick up my new trailer on Saturday, so the whole set up will get its first test 😀

#Tow Bar