Leather notebook holder

I fairly regularly carry a Field Notes notebook around, because I’m a terrible scatterbrain. Unfortunately, living in my pockets leads to their rather quick ruin, so I needed to find a way to make them last a little longer.

$14 worth of leather from the local leather shop and a few minutes work was all it took. I wasn’t looking for anything particularly fancy - I found an offcut which was just the right size and made some folds.

This instructable was handy for knowing how to fold the leather. I used a two pieces of melamine-coated chipboard and some G-clamps to create even pressure, which seems to have worked nicely. 😀

It’s a really simple design, no stitching required. I carefully folded one end, then trimmed it to length, then folded the other end to hold the notebook, then folded it in half. So far I haven’t finished - I want to bevel the edges and probably stamp a small design into the outside - but I’m pleased with it. 😀

(I promise that the corners line up - it’s just a terrible angle I took that photo from.)

#leather #field notes