Moving to hugo

This blog has been running for eleven years today - first on Mambo CMS - then transitioning to Wordpress in September 2005.

It’s time for another move, this time to Hugo. Written in go, stored in Markdown syntax and generating static HTML it fits my needs well. I don’t need a crazy CMS, I just need something I can post content with and use as few server (and mental) resources as possible.

Wordpress has been great. It’s very simple to use, and provides incredibly powerful publishing tools, but at a cost. The security implications of running a hyper-extensible PHP-powered site are pretty terrifying at times, and the server resources required for keeping a relatively small site running keep going up and up. I host all my own sites, with a locked down server running on a VM somewhere in cloudspace. The less I have to do with securing that the better, so a static site’s perfect.

So, on to better things. All the old URLs will keep working, good internet citizen that I am, but the theme has changed significantly, and will probably change many times before I’m finally happy with it 😀 but the main thing is that it’s done now. 770 posts, every single one of them with small (or large) re-formatting to the new markdown format, but they’re done.

And here’s to many more in the future! 😀