Recursion Is Fun Is Fun

So I’ve got an AWS Lambda function written in python designed to help auto-merge PRs that @dependabot has submitted. It queries all my github repositories, then auto-merges them based on particular configs. It’s done this way because then I don’t have to remember to configure each and every repository individually, and it does it in two stages: A scheduled execution. This checks to see if it’s scheduled, then invokes the function with parameters specifying the repo to check. [Read More]

2022-03-13 Week in Review

Monday Global Rest Day! Assembling all the furniture things. Tuesday Hung out at the Mailroom and set up the internet, they nearly had to break down the little door in the wall where the infrastructure cable was hidden. Thankfully it all went well, and the speed’s good. Later in the night I blocked myself from remote access to the router, awks. As the site-to-site VPN between sites still worked, I got back in through an SSH tunnel via an Access Point, which directed traffic to the router on port 22 from “inside” :success:. [Read More]

2022-03-06 Week in Review

OK, I have to mention it. Fucking Russia. Seriously? Invading Ukraine? Get fucked. You insane pack of fucking morons. I don’t blame the boots on the ground - the’re clearly being treated like mushrooms. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ > πŸ‡·πŸ‡Ί. I only hope as many people as possible get out of this alive. Wednesday I’ve been poking around at this idea in my head for a while, so I started yaleman/memes-api - basically shove images in an S3 bucket and it’ll make a little memes-library. [Read More]

2022-02-27 Week in Review

Uh, so it’s been a bit moist around here lately. Monday Um.. stuff? My NAS sync is finally working. Systemd services which can’t deal with usernames with the domain included are frustrating, but I worked around it by specifying the UID like an animal. github_linter Added a check for .github/ - creates a basic “here’s how to help” file Ran mypy --strict and chased down a lot of issues. There were, and still are, many. [Read More]

2022-02-20 Week in Review

Monday After reading Casey’s post about ffmpeg, I finally got around to sorting out the install on my M1 macBook. Turns out, my homebrew install was all kinds of broken. Tuesday I picked up a Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2 (Technicolor DJA0231) for $20 from Facebook Marketplace, hoping to pick up some more speed on my terrible FTTN NBN connection. Alas, a waste of money and time, FTTN that is. What a criminal waste of our country’s time and money. [Read More]

gobject-introspection building in Homebrew for ffmpeg 5.0

I haven’t been able to get ffmpeg (or a few other things) to build in Homebrew for a while, it’s been rather frustrating - especially when it fails with a message saying “do not contact Homebrew about this” … you packaged it! How else could I fix it? Turns out, there’s a brew doctor command that can help sort things out. ➜ brew doctor Please note that these warnings are just used to help the Homebrew maintainers with debugging if you file an issue. [Read More]

2022-02-13 Week in Review

Monday Automagically tracked a weather balloon with my new kit. Was bombarded with security updates from Github, updated my auto-merge bot to use pygithub while updating the list of packages to auto-merge. Migrated the storage for my Splunk instance to Smartstore. Woo, minio! Tuesday Realised some cert renewals had gone wonky, because the acme package had just … disappeared? Reissued a cert for my old fileserver, it’d been on a staging cert for… years? [Read More]

asdf path completion fix

If your asdf completions or path aren’t working and you can’t figure out why, try re-shimming things: asdf reshim python $(asdf current python | awk '{print $2}') [Read More]

VueJS static site search and Pelican

I’m slightly chuffed by this, I was doing something and build Vue.js based search from a statically created index. The fun part was storing/passing a “category” variable from the page’s HTML to the Vue app, and only slightly problematic by using Pelican to generate the site. Pelican uses {{}} for tempalte variables, same as Vue, so I had to reconfigure Vue’s delimiters (hence the || around item.message) Passing the category from the static HTML to Vue The searchmeta app is defined in the div#searchmeta tag. [Read More]

First Sonde Tracking!

A tiny update on my post from yesterday - I had to restart it to get it back on the MQTT server, but … it successfully tracked a Sonde today! And of course, because it’s data, I had to Splunk it… Using the Location Tracker viz Given I’m located in Tingalpa, about 7Km from the launch site, and the antenna’s sitting inside my house in the bathroom, I figure it did pretty good, tracking the thing until it was ~50KM away in Helensvale… that single red blip was from yesterday sometime. [Read More]