🪵 The 🪵 Great 🪵 Log 🪵 Post 🪵

So… this started out as me trying to start a discussion about logging on kanidm/kanidm and once I started, I couldn’t stop. Awkward. Is this about lots of logs, or great quality logs, or just ✨big✨ logs? Yes. 🪵 Ok, so everyone should like their logs, and making logs likeable requires them to be usable. What makes a usable log? Note: I’m not necessarily talking about platform metrics here; they’re related but not the focus. [Read More]

Tokyo Neopolitan - Japanese Pizza

I’ve been reading a lot of Craig Mod’s writing lately, and his article in Eater “Tokyo Neapolitan: The New Wave of Japanese Pizza” makes me really want to fly there. Right now. I feel like that most days, but … the art they bring to crafting things is just.. needed right now. But Kakinuma is adamant that his pizzas aren’t, in fact, Neapolitan. “Absolutely not,” he said. “They’re Kakinuma-style pizzas. [Read More]

IPv6 With Docker and Ansible

Please note: This is not authoritative information; if you use it and kittens pop out of your router or there’s some way simpler/better way to do things: don’t blame me for the kitten thing please document it and send me a link so I can learn from you. The Problem. IPv6. It’s a thing. Who even wants NAT anyway? Docker’s neat, it lets you run containers and stuff. [Read More]

Richard Branson and Neurodiversity

A recent post on Richard Branson’s blog about neurodiversity was a good read. The world needs a neurodiverse workforce to help try and solve some of the big problems of our time. Many people on the autism spectrum excel in areas such as logic, technology skills, problem-solving, pattern recognition, precision, sustained concentration, analysis and other unique cognitive functions. Yet people on the autism spectrum are often overlooked for jobs that they might be brilliant at. [Read More]

On Languishing

This article on the New York Times about the idea of “Languishing” explains a lot about my productivity in the last year or so. I’m finally hammering away at a lot of little medium-effort tasks - and not just because I started being medicated for my ADHD at age 37. 🤔 It wasn’t burnout — we still had energy. It wasn’t depression — we didn’t feel hopeless. We just felt somewhat joyless and aimless. [Read More]

512 Pixels on the Mac Chimes of Death

Quality post for sure - 512 Pixels on the historic sounds that Macs made when they failed to boot. I miss the whimsy in the personality of the early Macs. 🥰 I have to say the PowerPC Performa death sound with the little badoom-tish at the end was my favourite. [Read More]

Patching Proxmox for UI Issues

I had an issue in the Proxmox VE manager, where on Safari (all the time) or Firefox, when the screen width was too low, the various UI elements made it so I couldn’t access the buttons in the top left. I found that all of the necessary things to change were in /usr/share/pve-manager/js/pvemanagerlib.js. Messing around, I screwed it up and had to learn how to extract a file from a . [Read More]

IPv6 Address Keeps Changing on MacOS With PfSense

I’ve been having this issue for a few weeks, where my IPv6 address kept changing on my laptop. It doesn’t affect me on other devices because they don’t have long-lived connections to things like SSH. Turns out it’s a bug in pfSense which turned up in a recent update of radvd, where it’s not RFC8106 compilant due to mis-handling RA lifetimes. There’s supposedly a fix coming in a future version (see here), but for now I need a working network! [Read More]

Resetting Github PAT for HACS

I had to reset all my tokens for Github recently because I’m dumb and accidentally pushed one to a code repository. This broke HACS on my Home Assistant install because the token wasn’t working and rather than gracefully handle that, or make it possible for users to re-enter it, it just dies. What I found is that you really should remove the HACS integration, restart HA and re-add the integration, which will prompt you to do the “Github Device” setup [Read More]

Logitech Unifying Receiver Stuttering

Well that was weird, I have been having loads of issues with my MX Master 3 for Mac stuttering and lagging and generally being a horrible experience. I have been using it with a unifying receiver plugged into my OWC Thunderbolt (4) Dock, which is sitting about 60cm away under my laptop stand. Turns out - that’s enough distance and electrical noise to cause the problem. I moved the receiver closer (using a port on my monitor arm) and it works fine now! [Read More]