GitHub's Dependabot and Actions

I sent this to a friend who I’d been talking to about automation things, they probably didn’t expect this huge wall of text 😁 Since this isn’t a DM over social media, I’ve included the code and cleaned up the links, and shared it so hopefully I can find it in the future and it’ll help someone else who’s interested. I’ve had this on my todo list so here goes.. I was going on about how cool Dependabot is, and how it automagically makes Pull Requests (PRs) for updating packages in repositories… since you asked for some details it’s probably easiest to show an example of how I’ve got it set up. [Read More]

Terraform, AWS Access Keys and Keybase

Per the Terraform AWS Provider docs for the aws_iam_access_key resource, I figured I’d try this Keybase PGP thing. This is the config I’ve got (and stayed with, because it wasn’t wrong): resource "aws_iam_access_key" "example_key" { user = pgp_key = "keybase:yaleman" } While trying to apply the config however, I got this error… │ Error: Error retrieving Public Key for keybase:yaleman: unable to fetch keys for user(s) "yaleman" from keybase │ │ with aws_iam_access_key. [Read More]

Terraform, Kubernetes and Github Container Registry Oh My

After much muttering and searching and and then some help from the lovely people on the rands slack, I ended up with a snippet for authenticating my kubernetes cluster to the Github Container Registry using terraform configuration. tl;dr: create a dockerconfigjson-type secret and use it in the image_pull_secrets field Create a secret with the authentication details: resource "kubernetes_secret" "ghcr_auth" { metadata { name = "ghcr-auth" } type = "" data = { ". [Read More]

Week in Review 2022-05-29

This week’s been pretty slow, still catching up on work and reading and software updates and dying laptop after my holiday. Woo. Monday Went splat. Started blogging the Ghan trip. Went food shopping. Ugh, did I mention splat. Such tired. Tuesday Great quote. pro·duc·tion| prəˈdəkSH(ə)n | noun A test harness that escaped CI clusters Watched Better Living through Chemistry. Sam Rockwell always plays a great character and Olivia Wilde and Michelle Monaghan really spiced up a zany script. [Read More]

Mi Scusi Day 2 - Darwin City

Friday the 13th, WooOoOoooo. Slept in a bit - we flew in a day early in case there were flight cancellations - thanks, COVID. I went out looking for some breakfast, and by 9am it was already ~30º outside. After toddling around for a while, marvelling at the number of massage parlors and bars promoting their Defence-Force discount, I found a lovely bacon, egg and avocado roll at Monica’s Café - a nice family-run establishment directly across the road from the hotel. [Read More]

Mi Scusi Day 1 - Flying to Darwin

Today we started the journey, flying to Darwin on QANTAS in business class. Woo. Business class is pretty nice, with better food, more room for my wide hips and more leg room - which is nice when you’re a freakishly tall person like I am. Indian-style Chicken Dish, with a double serve of chocolate and snackage. Darwin Airport, welcoming as fk. It’s very clear that folks are being watched while moving around the city, with cameras on every light pole and I’m pretty sure running a surveillance company is a winning ticket in this place. [Read More]

Week in Review 2022-05-08

This week’s been busy, lots of leaving the house. 😄 Monday kanidm Whoa, I was made a member/owner of the kanidm organisation today. That’s a fair bit of responsibility, and it’s great to have that trust. Kanidm! I did a rolling comp at the range, as part of the many shoots this month to keep my licensing up. I shot good, which isn’t hard when you’re shooting at paper. I started a new range-game to try and concentrate on my hand-eye coordination and slow down between rounds. [Read More]

Week in Review 2022-05-01

Monday M1 macbook things - THE FAN TURNED ON. It was weird. Thanks, rust. <3 ADHD Side Quest Chain This one was quite the adventure, so I figured I’d write it down. “The fan under the stairs is ticking” Pull fan out. Ew, that’s real dusty. Pull out vacuum to suck up dust. Oh the extension lead’s stuck, pull that out from under the mat. I need to pee! Do that. [Read More]

Week in Review 2022-04-24

Monday Redeployed the site, for the first time in a long time because images were missing and it was generally just not playing nice. I removed all the <center></center> HTML randomness, which made Hugo happier. I wish there was a blog engine which was more human and less Wordpress. Updated the terraform module configuration to AWS’ v4 module syntax. Delicious yak milk. yaleman/sprintf added automagic testing from github_linter. actually fixed up the testing, re-fixed it, after breaking it again. [Read More]

2022-04-17 Week in Review

Monday yaleman/fail2ban-importer Rewrote it so I could be sure it might work. More complex, but also simpler.. woo? Tuesday yaleman/github_linter Added a new fix in the github_actions module, adding dependency checking based on the new github action. Wednesday yaleman/github_linter Updated the fix from Tuesday in the github_actions module, removing dependency checking based on the new github action for private repos. I probably should have read the docs. :D yaleman/TA-pushover Moved across to using ucc-gen, it’s… a thing. [Read More]