First ~24 hours in London

All the tube! Heathrow Express to Paddington station, what a lightning run. A lovely transit system that whisks you away from the airport to the city at great speed, depositing you at a central hub of transit. In this case, Paddington station, which allowed us to navigate our way through the myriad tunnels, all alike, to London Victoria Station via the tube. We found the location of our first night’s stay after doing a lap and a half of Victoria station (I had forgotten that Google Maps works offline on my phone :)) The Holly House Hotel is an adorable converted walk-up with 26 cosy rooms. [Read More]

Long haul sucks balls

I’m travelling with AuntyMary to London for nearly a week, then heading to Turkey for the balance of a month. This’d be a lot easier if it weren’t for a few niggling issues: I live in Australia, so it’s taking us at least 25 hours and change to get there. I’m a freakishly tall biped with a busted knee. I can’t afford business class flights. The first flight was pretty good, a 3/3/3 layout Boeing 777 with a spare seat between us for stretching out. [Read More]

Leaving for Europe

Not much to talk about in this post as you’d imagine, I’m still sitting in the airport waiting to leave. On our final itinerary check a couple of days ago, we realised that somehow I’d completely messed up the time zones of the flights about four months ago, booking one less night of accommodation than we actually need! to the rescue, and we have found a “cosy” little place near London Victoria Station which is cheap, if nothing else :) [Read More]

Scheduled backups on Checkpoint VSX

Editing backups isn’t possible on VSX clusters, which is ridiculous, and checking their full config isn’t possible from any of the GUIs, so it’s shell time. SSH to the appliance you’re trying to deal with, and run show configuration backup-scheduled from clish. This’ll show you both the specific backup configuration and the schedule as well. Here’s an example of a backup that SCPs to a remote host, twice a week at 0130. [Read More]

JScape MFT Management Cert

Just for future reference, to update the management certificate… You’ll need to upload the cert/key as a PKCS12 file, with a password. Given it’s a single password per file, put the same thing in both the fields. To find the “alias” run keytool -list -storetype pkcs12 -keystore <filename> and look for the line ending with PrivateKeyEntry You have to edit manager-web.cfg in the installation directory to reflect the new key name, the field is https. [Read More]

Japanese-flavoured adventuring

Sunday, rest day. A day to find peaceful ways to explore culture and ourselves. Thus, we had everyone over for bacon and eggs with all the trimmings. :) The National Library of Australia has an exhibition entitled “Melodrama in Meiji Japan” all about the last years of the original use of traditional woodcuts, through the eyes of a collection curated by a UNSW professor over many years, recently donated to the LIbrary. [Read More]

Another day, more raids

Yesterday we didn’t have any particular plans, just to meet up with people and do all the things, then go to a few get-togethers at night. We pottered around for the morning and found carb-heavy fuel at Hungry Jack’s to start the day (me being hangry helps nobody!). Meeting up with the Canberra Pok√©mon crew, we did two Articuno raids and one Lugia. I only caught the Lugia, and it wasn’t particularly special - but who’s to complain I guess? [Read More]

Transit day to CBR

Transit day, going to CBR for a weekend of hanging out with friends. For the first time ever it was cheap enough to make going to Sydney first, then to Canberra worth it (or so we thought). The first flight wasn’t too bad, somehow QANTAS ignored our seat allocations and split us up, probably due to the fact that we were listed as two independent travellers, not a pair. One day, airline booking systems will make sense - and be usable - their website shows a clear mess of technical debt. [Read More]

Yahoo 'Via' header redirect loop

At work we run proxies for filtering malicious traffic and restricting access to unsavoury content - be it pornography or other things outside policy. For a while now we have had an issue where certain Yahoo-run systems will send continual 301 redirects until the browser gives up with an error. It’s been really annoying to troubleshoot, as it wasn’t quite clear what would trigger it. The normal things like SSL inspection or broken cookies weren’t the cause, and it didn’t seem to be routing or anything else like that. [Read More]

DIY bed head

I bought an IKEA bed without a head when I first moved in nearly four years ago, and I finally got around to dealing with it this past weekend. The general idea was to have something that kept my head away from the wall when it was cold, and not look too ugly. Simple, right? I started by grabbing some material from Spotlight, the local “big box” fabric store. [Read More]