Cloudflare and the Billion Requests

The Email March 2022 Analytics Snapshot We’ve aggregated data from 26 of your Cloudflare sites during the month of March. Cloudflare served 788.57 GB of data, and mitigated 2.04k firewall events. I was like “wow, that’s a lot more data than usu… wait, over a ¿BILLION REQUESTS FROM JAPAN!?!?!? For comparison, February 2022’s stats had 183.7 GB of data and 214 million requests from Japan. Ok, that’s still a load of requests, but 4x as much is weird. [Read More]

Week in Review 2022-04-03

Tuesday kanidm Fixed an issue with kanidm group list that wasn’t logging because I’d used info!() instead of println!(). Wednesday Realised (after it was pointed out to me by GitHub support) I was super stupid and had set the wrong “uses” string on my actions defintion, and that’s why they were all queuing and being weird. Once I got that working… I continued to be stupid and break things until I just copied the config from something else and it was much less broken. [Read More]

Week in Review 2022-03-27

Monday github_linter added github-linter-web as a script command to load the web interface easier fixed a bug in the DB code, where it was derping on integer responses Wednesday github_linter dependabot - configurator works now (ok, not really, see Friday’s fixes) pyproject - fixed handler for certain value types docs - now creates/updates a Thursday pyaussiebb Moved the dependency on pydantic from dev to main, because… it broke things. Released v0. [Read More]

Week in Review 2022-03-20

Wednesday pfsense-api-client updated the docs added support for a standalone requests.session object to support TLS ignorance moved the login functionality out to its own function, so it’d get better documentation in the manual memes-api moved to aioboto3 to make things … work way better fixed pagination issues where certain counts would page wrong changed opengraph previews from the “full” image to the thumbnail to save some bandwidth and processing time for everyone Thursday Updated pyaussiebb to fix an issue acknowledging FetchTV services as a thing. [Read More]

Recursion Is Fun Is Fun

So I’ve got an AWS Lambda function written in python designed to help auto-merge PRs that @dependabot has submitted. It queries all my github repositories, then auto-merges them based on particular configs. It’s done this way because then I don’t have to remember to configure each and every repository individually, and it does it in two stages: A scheduled execution. This checks to see if it’s scheduled, then invokes the function with parameters specifying the repo to check. [Read More]

2022-03-13 Week in Review

Monday Global Rest Day! Assembling all the furniture things. Tuesday Hung out at the Mailroom and set up the internet, they nearly had to break down the little door in the wall where the infrastructure cable was hidden. Thankfully it all went well, and the speed’s good. Later in the night I blocked myself from remote access to the router, awks. As the site-to-site VPN between sites still worked, I got back in through an SSH tunnel via an Access Point, which directed traffic to the router on port 22 from “inside” :success:. [Read More]

2022-03-06 Week in Review

OK, I have to mention it. Fucking Russia. Seriously? Invading Ukraine? Get fucked. You insane pack of fucking morons. I don’t blame the boots on the ground - the’re clearly being treated like mushrooms. 🇺🇦 > 🇷🇺. I only hope as many people as possible get out of this alive. Wednesday I’ve been poking around at this idea in my head for a while, so I started yaleman/memes-api - basically shove images in an S3 bucket and it’ll make a little memes-library. [Read More]

2022-02-27 Week in Review

Uh, so it’s been a bit moist around here lately. Monday Um.. stuff? My NAS sync is finally working. Systemd services which can’t deal with usernames with the domain included are frustrating, but I worked around it by specifying the UID like an animal. github_linter Added a check for .github/ - creates a basic “here’s how to help” file Ran mypy --strict and chased down a lot of issues. There were, and still are, many. [Read More]

2022-02-20 Week in Review

Monday After reading Casey’s post about ffmpeg, I finally got around to sorting out the install on my M1 macBook. Turns out, my homebrew install was all kinds of broken. Tuesday I picked up a Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2 (Technicolor DJA0231) for $20 from Facebook Marketplace, hoping to pick up some more speed on my terrible FTTN NBN connection. Alas, a waste of money and time, FTTN that is. What a criminal waste of our country’s time and money. [Read More]

gobject-introspection building in Homebrew for ffmpeg 5.0

I haven’t been able to get ffmpeg (or a few other things) to build in Homebrew for a while, it’s been rather frustrating - especially when it fails with a message saying “do not contact Homebrew about this” … you packaged it! How else could I fix it? Turns out, there’s a brew doctor command that can help sort things out. ➜ brew doctor Please note that these warnings are just used to help the Homebrew maintainers with debugging if you file an issue. [Read More]