2016-04-30 Week in Review


  • Bought a tow bar for my Pulsar
  • delivered in 24 hours flat
  • missing a part of the loom, was delivered in 2 hours!
  • installed the wiring without incident - ignored the hole-cutting instruction, routed the wire sensibly.
  • learnt to run a tap through painted holes
  • screwed up a high tensile (ish) bolt, fixed it with a file


  • Learn to double check Google Maps’s public transport instructions. Ended up in stones corner instead of Windsor. Ugh.
  • Got my car serviced. They washed it (great!) but also made it smell like cigarettes (ugh!)


  • Started fitting tow bar, got bumper bar off, cut hole in rear panel of chassis rail, holes don’t QUITE line up. 🙁


  • Finished installing the tow bar!
  • Got confirmation that expanding the holes is fine, did so.
  • Cut second hole with my angle grinder - done in under a minute - compared to an hour of careful messing around with the dremel the first time.
  • Bolted it all together rather easily, carefully cut the lower part of the bar. The supplied dimensions were a little excitable, but would have done.
  • Was a great feeling to do it myself 🙂