2016-04-24 Week in review



  • Bought some ridiculously cheap shelves and put them in the sewing room and the office. I wouldn’t recommend the 4x2 clever cube shelves from Bunnings unless you despise whoever’s going to use them, or you only need them for ridiculously light things. I’m going to nail/glue some pre-painted particle board to the back of these in a few months, just because I’m expecting them to warp.
  • Bought a Ryobi shop vacuum, finally
  • Set up the sewing room
  • Sewing machine
  • Bought some lovely scissors
  • Helped Mary remove some stumps from her yard on Sunday. Wow my back hurts, I woke up 1am Monday with arms that were on a special kind of fire.
  • Went to IKEA for a work light, bought a step ladder. It may sound ridiculous, me (6’9" tall) owning a step ladder, but they’re super-useful for at-roof-level-need-to-be-stable things.


  • Went to the Buffalo Bar for Rachel’s birthday. Amazing food, great drink, lovely atmosphere until the band turned up. My ears still hurt.


Can’t think of anything in particular I achieved this week (that I can write about).

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