Temperature time, and a prototyping timesaver.

Another week, more parts have arrived for the coffee machine!

To save messing around with soldering and cutting more weird little cables I got myself an eBay knockoff of a RaspberryPi Prototyping Board, which exposes most of the pins I need as screw terminals. Once I get to the more permanent stage I can solder things to the included field.

After not receiving the MAX31855 breakout I tried for before xmas, I bought a MAX31865 breakout board from PlayingWithFusion.com. A neat, tiny little board which should get me some fine resolution temperature sensing!

MAX31865 prototype board from playingwithfusion.com

Sadly, mine is blue - purple didn’t seem to be available. 🙁

I don’t remember it, but I seem to have purchased the cheapest 2-wire PT100 sensor money could buy, which came with some terribly flimsy wires. I foresee buying another one in short order, once I’ve broken^wplayed with this one a bit.

I quickly updated the code to use the BCM pins - because that’s how the breakout is labelled - and have tested the connectors with my existing switches. All works so far, next up is to wire the power relay and then temperature sensing part in 🙂