A new project appears! The cruiser.

Pottering around on the internet as I do, and RMB hit me up about a friend giving away a cruiser. I figure free things are good, and free motorbikes are better! We arranged a time and place and after a few calls around, I snaffled a motorcycle trailer for $73.

Here’s the bike! It’s a Virago XV1100, from 1997 maybe? 🙂

Yamaha XV1100Yamaha XV1100

It was a little bit of fun getting it onto the trailer - having to recruit a few friends as the bike doesn’t run and my legs aren’t quite long enough to reach.  Getting it home on the trailer was even more fun - not enough straps, a slippery deck and not having tied down a bike before, there were a few “hey it’s falling off again” moments.

So far I haven’t been able to get too far with it - time’s been tight - but I’ve pulled a few things apart and had a general look around.

Amongst some of the other fun finds were that a spider ate my battery, got fat and then died in situ 🙁

Spider battery guy

The overall condition is “not terrible” but there’s loads of corrosion on the carbs and pitting of the chrome. I can’t get the fuel cap open, waiting to hear back from the previous owner to hear if it’s the wrong key or just jammed.

Going to need a new air filter…Going to need a new air filter…

I’m excited for the opportunity to work on something that actually fits in the space I’ve got, and hopefully I’ll either have a bike to ride which won’t send me deaf - or something to sell and fund another project in the future 🙂