portDB – a new little project.

So I’ve been maintaining my own little database of ports for my own records of late, just so that when I found something on a network I could go “oh, this is probably what it was. It was just a set of pages added to this blog, but that was fairly unmanageable.

I went looking for an easier way of building something and built portDB. So far it’s fairly simple, as these things should be.

Over time I want to be able to run a script on a machine and add the information to the site, or be able to easily search against it. Things I’ll add when I get to them I guess 🙂

It’s hosted on Heroku and stored on Github under yaleman/portDB. Heroku is a magical hosting platform which just works. The free tier allows for funky little sites running a variety of languages, and this one’s built on Python/Flask/Markdown. The original site with the existing information took about an hour to build, then I’ve spent a bunch of time poking around and pulling in IANA assigned port numbers and so forth.

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