Puppy Diary, day #13

Another successful day for the resistance!

We successfully escaped today, and firmly believe that our captor is none the wiser.


See our fine work? Is it not fabulous?

His pathetic plastic mesh was no match for the fury of our paws. The ground gave way to our might and we threw aside the giant timber plank in our way!

Once outside we found ourselves confronted by an even stranger sight, a huge monster wielding some sort of portable vegetation destruction device. We barked mightily and it realised that our power was akin to its own, offering the truce which we so truly deserved. Such is the power of our pack, even beings much larger than us fear our wrathful licking.

Upon further scouting the local area we found that we should regroup within the relative safety of our captor’s terrible ghetto and gather resources for our final assault : the front gate.

Tonight I will sleep soundly, making sure to mess up the towel my captor provides me, pathetic offering that it is. Smooth is the way of the cat, rumpled and scrunched is for the mighty terrier!

- Alaska

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