Puppy diary day #2

The terrible neighbour creatures continue to test the edges of our territory, invading with their slow lumbering walk and strange speech. Our tactic of warning them off while hiding behind the available terrain is working for now, so we will continue to use it until a better method is discovered. Our escape plans should allow us to invade their territory quite soon.

The weather was wonderful today, with a storm in the afternoon making our scent much stronger; this will help against the neighbours in the future. Only slight progress was achieved on one section of an existing hole. Our attempts to dig new holes were hampered by the soft ground, only small progress was made; hopefully it will be better tomorrow.

Our captor refuses to accept that the correct place for my collection of tiny pieces of wood  is on the short, light coloured grass past the mesh gate. I don’t know why he keeps calling it “carpet” when it’s plainly grass. More proof that he is truly foolish.

He also continues to force food upon us, we refuse his snooty offerings and only eat what we must of the delicious - I mean disgusting - cheap muck he calls good-o’s. What a horrible man he is. We showed our disdain for him by breaking a food bowl today, hopefully this will halt his attempts at poisoning us.

The nightly ritual of separating us continues, maybe he feels we only plot against him at night. I lie at the side of his bed, waiting silently, planning, always planning my next move.

- Alaska

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