I did nine knee-push-ups in a row this morning.

Doesn’t sound like many, until you realise I couldn’t do one to start with without taking a breather.

My upper body strength sucks, but I’ve been doing a Beginner Bodyweight workout for a few weeks every second day (or so, depending on what else I did) and I’m already noticing stark improvements. I wake up at about 5am most mornings (thanks, tiny puppy) then I get my ass down stairs and do some workouts, or some weeding.

It’s fun, because it’s relatively easy, it’s definitely quick, and jumping jacks confuse the hell out of the dog.

I’ll probably write more, but I just had to mutter to myself about the fact that I actually did that today, and I noticed an improvement. By Xmas I plan to be able to comfortably do ten proper push-ups in a row, without a break. Woo!

Then it’s on to pull-ups. 🙂