Installing a new toilet roll holder

Here’s our victim for the day, a busted old toilet roll holder, held together with tape.

Remove tape, fall apart. This is why we’re replacing you, faded old piece of junk! One obvious screw (stripped thread, of course) to remove…

And it looks like we’re finding some sediment-layer-type history here… why bother removing something when you can paint over it?

Installing the new one is just as easy, two screws (thankfully, back into the same holes as the old one) and the mount is on! They don’t look like it, but it’s quite a sturdy attachment to the wall. IKEA stainless steel, who can fault it?

I had to ask my puppy assistant if I could have the allen key, because I’m not sure she wanted me to play with it. It’s surprisingly difficult to get a photo of her, maybe that’s why bigfoot’s gone undiscovered for so long…

One allen key grub screw and it’s attached. Shiny 🙂

Mandatory IKEA allen-key photo