2013 LEGO Advent Calendars Available!

Now, I’m going to try to avoid ranting TOO much, but seriously LEGO, $29 for City or $39 for Star Wars in the US with $8 shipping, or $49 each with $30 shipping for Australians? What the hell?

With that over, the 2013 Advent Calendars have been released. Here’s the pictures I have so far of the LEGO City set, number #60024.

And for good measure, the 2013 Star Wars Advent Calendar is set #75023.

Now, I guess the question is - can I work out how to get at least two of each of these to Australia for less than what it costs to wait a month or two then buy them here? Help? 🙂

I’m quitting the rest of my LEGO addiction in the quest for home ownership, so I’m going to be itching to get these and start on my yearly quest to photograph and share the daily sets! Sure, I can see exactly what’s in the package in the shots above, but it’s more about the “yay, it’s day x and we’re getting this set! check it out!” factor. 🙂

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