HP DC7900 ‘error during MEBx execution’ error fix

When you get one of the following errors on boot for a DC series computer (including DC7800, DC7900, DC8100, DC8200

  • 2231-ME error during MEBx execution
  • 2232-AMT error during MEBx execution
  • 2233-HECI error during MEBx execution

Their suggested fix is the following:

That seemed a bit stupid, replace the motherboard? Surely there’s another way. Rebooting it doesn’t normally fix much, but there’s a few things I read that seem to fix it.

  1. Clear the CMOS
    1. Remove the power cable
    2. Take the case lid off
    3. Locate the yellow “CMOS” button on the motherboard - it should be near an edge, on my SFF model it was near the CPU cooler.
    4. Press and hold that button down (gently, it’ll click slightly when it’s down) for about ten seconds
  2. Change some settings in the BIOS
    1. Power the machine on, and while the blue HP logo is showing, press F10 a few times.
    2. Move across to the Advanced menu
    3. Select Management Operations
    4. Ensure “MEBx Setup Prompt” is set to Displayed
    5. Press F10
    6. Press F10 to select “Save Changes and Exit”
    7. Press Enter

Hopefully this should have sorted the problem, it did for me.

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