HTC One X Volume “stuck down”

Driving to work this morning I tried to set my phone to make noise, since it’s on silent when I sleep. I unlocked it, pressed the volume up button, and it stayed stuck on silent. I could drag the volume slider up, but it’d instantly flip back to silent again.

Tapping the little speaker icon to set it to vibrate worked, which was odd. I thought the button was broken/stuck on, but it wasn’t showing the volume setting all the time, so.. meh?

It seems that this thread on fixya was the key. If you turn off fast boot it seems to clear whatever’s messed up in the phone’s settings.

Steps for fixing it:

  1. Open the settings menu
  2. Select the “power” option
  3. Un-tick the fast boot option
  4. Restart the phone and all should be well

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