SCA Double Camping Bed Design Mk1

So, ugly horrible metal bedframes suck. I needed to come up with a new design for a double-mattress supporting bed frame and here’s my first idea.

The Bed frame completed, in situ.

It comes in a few parts, two top pieces and two side pieces. There’s a minimum of parts to hold it together, with hard wood the frame should lock together with just friction and be all fine. I’m still working out ideas for the legs, but here’s my current thinking.

The legs, first run

The legs are hinged to the side frame pieces, so that when they’re loaded into the trailer they should take up (side-frame-piece-width x 3) per bed. On the other side of the leg from the hinge might be a latch similar to this:

Stand ‘em up, then put the top pieces on. This is sort of an “exploded” view, but the top panels are 16mm plywood, secured to the cross rails. This gives them stability in a couple of directions and should hold it all together. The gap in the middle is ~5cm which is about how far apart a normal slat is.

Final view, all done without the tent pieces in the way.

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